Air X Long ROM Knee Brace

A 50cm long wrap-around knee brace with Range of Motion (ROM) Joints. AirX 3D spacer fabric offers excellent comfort, compression support and fit. The brace has a range of rigid and elastic straps that can be adjusted anteriorly and posteriorly to allow a perfect fit and joint alignment. The ROM joints have a wide range of flexion and extension settings and the brace is suitable for the treatment of various knee conditions including mild/moderate collateral ligament injuries and mild instability of cruciate ligaments.

Knee Circumference
XS ARK/02 25 - 28 cm
S ARK/03 28 - 34 cm
M ARK/05 34 - 40 cm
L ARK/07 40 - 46 cm
XL ARK/08 46 - 56 cm
XXL ARK/09 56 - 61 cm


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