Aspen Cervical Collar

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Proven Performance

The motion restriction provided by the Aspen Collar has been scientifically evaluated. Utilising videofluoroscopy, researchers have documented both the translation and angulation of each vertebral segment through the entire range of motion. Results show the Aspen system to be unsurpassed in its ability to safeguard the patient.

Aspen® Cervical Collars were designed to optimize support and comfort, two key components for better patient outcomes. The structure of the collar is engineered to provide substantial motion restriction without producing painful pressure points that can lead to skin breakdown or poor patient compliance. For ultimate comfort, all of the collar's contact surfaces are cushioned with cotton-lined, breathable foam padding.

• Effective Motion Restriction

• Minimise skin breakdown

• Better patient outcomes


Instruction Sheet

Aspen and Pediatric Collar Sizing Chart

Spine Applications 

Indications for Use

• Decompressive procedures

• Fracture management

• Cervicogenic headache

• Cervical disc syndrome

• Postsurgical stabilization

• Musculoskeletal pain

• Trauma / whiplash

• Sprains / strains

• Radiculopathy

    Vista Collar

    Download our Spine Applications sheet to help determine which Aspen product is right for your needs.

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