Aspen Paediatric CTO with PD4 and PD5 Front

Product Code: 983301

Aspen Acute Restriction Braces Provide a Controlled Environment for Healing

Aspen Acute Restriction braces provide significant motion restriction by acting as a kinematic restrictor, for patients needing support for healing, and can be safely and quickly applied. Gross motion restriction is often desired in treating injured patients recovering from trauma or surgery. The goal is to support healing, limit recovery time and save money by expediting patient discharge times, accelerating turnaround times and minimising health risks..

Children need medical products designed specifically for their unique anatomy and medical needs. Aspen understands this and has worked closely with paediatric nurses to develop solutions that address the needs of these special paediatric patients. The Aspen Pediatric CTO offers the same innovative features as the Aspen Pediatric Collar plus added motion restriction within the cervical and upper thoracic spine.

• 66-135 cm circumference

• Proven performance

• Multiple orthotic options

• Available in two or four post option


Instruction Sheet

Spine Applications 

Indications for Use

• Postsurgical stabilization

• Cervicothoracic instability

• Fracture management


    Vista Collar

    Download our Spine Applications sheet to help determine which Aspen product is right for your needs.

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