Chairback Brace

A lightweight, spinal orthosis to maintain the spine in neutral and provide sacro-lumbar stability. Made in heat-mouldable Kydex for a custom fit and lined with closed cell foam, this brace is lighter and thinner than conventional metal and leather braces, and ideal for elderly and osteoporotic patients who cannot tolerate heavier braces.

NHSSC Code Hip Circumference Brace Height (Center back)
S CBB/03 GPK1131 74 - 81 cm 29 cm
M CBB/05 GPK1137 84 - 91 cm 32 cm
M-L CBB/06 GPK1138 94 - 102 cm 33 cm
L CBB/07 GPK1132 104 - 112 cm 34 cm


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