Lycrafleece Patella Lux

Provides medial or lateral stabilisation of the knee. The cresent shaped buttress pad can be placed on the medial or lateral side of the patella. A non slip rubber lining is used to ensure the support does not move after fitting.

The Patella Lux is ideal for lateral or medial subluxation of the patella.

Universal design fits left and right.

Knee Circumference
XS BLPL/02 GRA343 25 - 28 cm
S BLPL/03 GRA344 28 - 36 cm
M BLPL/05 GRA345 33 - 41 cm
L BLPL/07 GRA346 38 - 46 cm
XL BLPL/08 GRA347 45 - 55 cm

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