Pelvic Instability Belt

Designed by obstetric physiotherapists and trialed by expectant mothers, this ‘many-tailed bandage’ pattern allows variable tension on each set of straps, with strong tension over the pubic area and lighter tension under the abdomen.

Adaptable to a standing or sitting position and can be worn over clothing. Provides strong circumferential support around the pelvis holding the two sacroiliac joints and the symphysis pubis joint firmly.

Also available in black.

Code (White)
NHSSC Code (White) Code (Black) Circumference (At widest part of abdomen)
SPD/1 GRZ1261 SPD/1/BK 90 - 96 cm
SPD/2 GRZ1266 SPD/2/BK 96 - 102 cm
SPD/3 GRZ1267 SPD/3/BK 102 - 108 cm
SPD/4 GRZ1262 SPD/4/BK 108 - 116 cm
SPD/5 GRZ1263 SPD/5/BK 116 - 126 cm
SPD/6 GRZ1264 SPD/6/BK 126 - 136 cm
SPD/7 GRZ1265 SPD/7/BK 136 - 146 cm
SPD/8 GRZ1244 SPD/8/BK 146 - 156 cm



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