Proflex Belt

  • Hook/loop fastening elastic belt, with an elastic back pocket to accommodate a panel.
  • Available with a choice of back panels.
  • A cotton fulcrum strap which can be positioned in the lumbar or sacral area from extra compression on the spine.
  • The front depth is 20cm.
  • Flexible panel option - The back pocket encloses a panel of polythene lined with closed cell foam, which becomes flexible with body heat.
Code (No Panel)
Code (Flexible Panel)
NHSSC Code Waist Measurement
S PFN/83 GPK1520 PF/83 GPK1511 64 - 76 cm
M PFN/85 GPK1521 PF/85 GPK1512 79 - 89 cm
L PFN/87 GPK1522 PF/87 GPK1513 89 - 99 cm
XL PFN/88 GPK1523 PF/88 GPK1514 99 - 109 cm
XXL PFN/89 GPK1594 PF/89 GPK1515 109 - 119 cm


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