Proform Plus

Resistance to Stretch

  • Minimum to moderate resistance to stretch allows the splintmaker to control the material throughout the splinting process.
  • Proform Plus tolerates minimum to moderate handling during splint moulding.
  • Handle on a horizontal plane and form splint in a gravity-assisted position.
  • Gentle, smooth motions yield superior results.
  • Proform Plus has moderate drape and offers conformability with only light to moderate pressure. Light weight, 3/32” Proform Plus provides more drape than 1/8” Proform Plus.


  • With moderate memory and recovery, splints can be repeatedly remoulded without thinning.

  • Reheated splints will not thin or stretch, making it easy to adjust for bandage or edema changes.

  • Splints made from Proform Plus have a moderate degree of rigidity.

  • A circumferential splint made of Proform Plus is flexible enough for easy donning and doffing, yet strong enough for immobilisation.

  • Splints will give slightly against strong force and will resist breaking.


  • The unique coating gives Proform Plus a light tack to hold the material in place, allowing the splintmaker to achieve contours and positioning without the material pulling or falling away.
  • A wet bond will hold firmly but can be pulled apart in warm water if necessary.
  • Dry heating two surfaces will form a strong bond. For a permanent bond, solvent may be required.

Surface Finish

  • Low-profile, beige colour has moderate resistance to fingerprints and resists showing stains.
  • Smooth, self sealing edges do not require additional finishing, resulting in a professional finish, even after reheating.
  • Working time is sufficient enough to mould the splint until it holds its shape, remove it to do necessary trimming and then reposition it to complete the moulding process.


  • 3.2mm Proform Plus can be used for almost any splinting application. Use for dynamic and static splinting; for adult and paediatric positioning; and for post-burn and post-surgical care.
  • 2.4mm Proform Plus is thin and lightweight, yet strong, and can be used for forearm and hand-based splints. Ideal for arthritis splints, post-operative splints, and for paediatric splints for children who are able to co-operate.
PFP-1S2 3.2 mm Proform Plus Smooth 46 x 61 cm
PFP-1S1 3.2 mm Proform Plus Smooth 61 x 91 cm
PFP-1P2 3.2 mm Proform Plus Perforated 46 x 61 cm
PFP-1P1 3.2 mm Proform Plus Perforated 61 x 91 cm
PFP-2S3 2.4 mm Proform Plus Smooth 46 x 30 cm
PFP-2P3 2.4 mm Proform Plus Smooth 46 x 30 cm


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