A padded nylon upper with return loop buckles accommodates the oedematous or bandaged foot comfortably and the removable tongue can be positioned anywhere on the inner for comfort.

A moulded heel counter provides a smooth stable contour  around the heel.

The semi-rigid non-slip sole is strong and will not flex when walking: useful when toes need to be immobilised eg. after Keller’s surgery.

A pressure sensitive longitudinal arch support is included for comfort.

Code NHSSC Code
Sole Length
Sole Width
XS 442/XS ERP2099 22 cm 7 cm
S (Woman) 442/WS ERP2097 24 cm 8 cm
M (Woman) 442/WM ERP2096 25 cm 9 cm
L (Woman) 442/WL ERP2095 27 cm 9 cm
S (Man) 442/MS ERP2094 28 cm 10 cm
M (Man) 442/MM ERP2093 29 cm 10 cm
L (Man) 442/ML ERP2092 30 cm 10 cm
XL 442/XL ERP2098 32 cm 11 cm


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